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Becoming a Community Producer

Membership $60 (Milwaukee residents)/ $80 (Non-Milwaukee residents)
Small studio MPACT $40
Portable Equipment $60
Main Studio w/crew (need at least three people) $85-per person
Power Director Editing (Windows) $20
Final Cut Pro Editing (Mac) $60

MATA Community Media is on Time Warner Cable channel 14 and 96 in the City of Milwaukee if you have a cable box, or on channel 97.14 and 97.96 if you use your HDTV without a cable box. Both of our channels can be seen on channel 99 on AT&T U-verse in Southeastern Wisconsin. MATA programming is now streamed on-demand on Roku. If you have a Roku box you can add MATA as one of your favorite channels. All future producers must complete the Producer’s Class Quiz (see link on top right of page) and are required to have a membership with MATA Community Media which is $60 a year for individuals living in Milwaukee or North Shore, and $80 a year for individuals living outside of that area. If an organization wants to join MATA Community Media, the cost is $200 a year if the organization is in Milwaukee or North Shore, or $300 a year if the organization is outside of that area. An organizational membership allows for up to 5 members of the organization to use our equipment after training.

Add MCM to your Roku!

Add MCM to your Roku!

  1. Go to Roku.com
  2. Go to your account
  3. Click “Add a Private Channel”
  4. Enter the code/password “MATA” and click add
  5. The channel will be added the next time Roku checks for updates or you can turn the box off, then back on to add it.
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